Who We Are:


We are Lindsay and Emily Plaskett... two eccentric sisters living the dream in Brooklyn, New York.  Originally from Ohio, we grew up playing outside letting our imaginations run wild!  Born from two creative, musical parents we were mixed-media artists making our halloween costumes, making movies with the family's first VHS recorder and recording our music on cassette tapes.  We pride ourselves in our midwestern thrifting abilities and bring them to the table when it comes to the budget of our project.  With strong professional backgrounds in Fashion and Marketing, here we are now in Brooklyn, New York making our dreams come true... which is making YOUR dream come to life!

What We Do:

We make shit look good!  We have been called "maestros of all things creative" and our goal is to blow your mind!  We are artists, designers and "magicians"... we can turn anything into anything!  Our expertise lies in consulting, costume design, wardrobe, production design, art direction and just flat out making things!  We have worked with music videos, film, TV, performance art, dance, etc. etc.  We've also made award winning costumes for PRIDE, halloween and theme parties.  So whether you're a producer, musician, dancer, scuba diver, astronaut or even a banker, if you need something that looks good we're your girls!  

See our credits: "HERE"